Fourth of July Fun Times

Fourth of July came and went here in our little coastal town. Most people here took a few days, if not the whole week off. Good plan, because it will take you that long to get through the throngs of traffic to get anywhere. And people who work in retail, this is a special kind of hell for you. I have never seen every parking space filled at every grocery store and gas station for twenty miles until then.

The holiday itself was pretty low-key. Hung out at a buddy’s place where they grilled out and had people over. It was a great time. My adjustment has been switching from a first-second shift hybrid to working straight third shift. My job is such that this change was needed for my own sanity, and the safety of coworkers. So I have been trying to adjust to staying up all night and sleeping during the day.

Great in theory, until you get to the weekend or time off. I do great during the week, because I stay busy at work and come home and sleep. Weekends I struggle to stay awake and finally go to bed about 4 am. Throw in alcohol and the equation gets shot to hell.

Also something of a struggle is the difference in me. In my 20s I worked third shift and was fine with it. In those days you get 1.5 hours of sleep and are good to go again for the next day. However, my 40 year old body just isn’t that resilient anymore. I need my beauty rest, and from the looks of me I need all I can get.

The bonus in this is that I work four ten-hour nights with a three day weekend every weekend. I do enjoy that part so far. It’s just like riding a bike. Gotta get up there and remember what the hell i’m doing.

So Happy Belated Fourth of July to everyone. Let’s not forget our men and women in the Armed Services, without whose sacrifice none of this would be possible. Hell, we might be speaking German or Russian today if not for them.


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