In a Holding Pattern

So here we are again, in the same place as last time. I touched briefly on the futile attempt to switch things up on the work front. Specifically, how scientific studies have shown that third shift ages you prematurely. And how not getting enough quality sleep sends you to an early grave.

My response to all of this was a giant muddle finger from my employer. You would think after twenty years of loyal service, that you might get a break for your trouble. Not so much. It reminds me of how my father worked. He worked 20 years at one mechanic shop, and they fired him because they were tired of paying him more than everyone else. I’m sure the other hotshot guys were pissed when they got crap raises, but then there were other glaring differences. Namely, that dad’s stuff never came back after a week and had to be re-fixed. Then of course dad figured out that this is what management wanted. They wanted repeat business, so they wanted you to break something while you were fixing something else. With the guys dad worked with, I really think they were just clueless when it came to auto repair. Meanwhile dad could tell you over the phone how to fix your car. Dad wouldn’t play the game, and he got canned. He went to another shop where he worked for another 15 years. But this time he had an owner that recognizes my dad’s wealth of knowledge and paid him accordingly. He worked there until he lost his leg and went on Disability.

Annnd I’ve rambled into a tangent. It happens. There’s always a lot rambling around in my mostly empty brain box. It’s usually movie quotes, malted hops, music and how to beat that one level of Call Of Duty. There’s an occasional thought in there, but boy is it lonely. Anyway, I was making the point about working back then versus working now. When dad started at the shop, they rewarded his loyalty. Hotshot mechanics, straight out of mechanicin’ school, would stay a few years and then move on. They would cycle through, and dad would still be there. I can use this example in my current situation. I have, for most of my career, simply come in and done my work and went home. It was only recently that I figured out with responsibility comes more money. I took a third shift position at the behest of my manager, who wanted a leadership presence there. And now that I am there, I have figured out that I will never be anywhere but there in the current department. Couple that with not being able to transfer out, and one certainly has a very dim view of their working situation. You would think after 20 years that you had some value to the organization. Think again. They can hire someone new and pay them much less. I guess I greatly overestimated my value period.

To that end, my wife has been pushing me to get serious about writing. She apparently thinks that these stories I come up with are pretty good. My problem is that I’m my own worst critic. I don’t feel worthy. But something has to change, and it’s not going to change without flipping the whole thing upside down. This blog is supposed to be a sample of my writing style. So hopefully I can craft at least a short story length blog for you guys to read. I’ll work on that for next time.

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