It’s been awhile I guess

Man, it sure has been awhile since May. So much has happened since then, so let’s get right to it.

Work-no change whatsoever. Our workplace has been put on the auction block, in the hopes of recouping the CEO a fat Mercedes or two and a big stack of cash. What this means for us is nothing, other than consultants will come in and assess if our jobs are worthy of inclusion in the grand scheme. As long as I get a decent severance package, I say let loose the hounds. Twenty years is long enough.

On the entertainment front, I did get to attend the Carolina Country Music Fest in Myrtle Beach in June. If you’ve never been, it’s an absolute blast. Just be prepared to stand the whole time, or sit on the ground. But there’s food and drink, and enough dudes and chicks to keep you from being lonely. Three words…Bojangles Mobile Kitchen. And it’s a great way to see multiple bands at once…well, over four days anyway. And it’s whoever is touring at the time, so starts like Dierks Bentley and Thomas Rhett. And Alabama was there this past year. #bucketlist.

While that was going on, I was dealing with other medical issues that keep creeping up. Namely, the combo of medicinal cocktails and alcohol resulted in my being out of it most of the time. It got to a point where I was dizzy and nauseated all of the time. Add to that a little free bleeding, and it was great to behold.

The worst came on a night about three months ago. My wife and I were going to do karaoke with some friends, for the first time in a long time. I don’t know what possessed me to start drinking at the house, but I was eight beers into a high-octane IPA 12 pack of 9-12 percent alcohol beers before we left. So naturally my decision making skills were somewhat diminished once we hit the bar. I started buying Jell-O shots and liquor drinks, as well as shots. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do liquor on the regular. I was a beer dude, through and through. Still, I plowed ahead because our friends were late. This left time for more drinks and shots. I did finally get up to sing, and my wife thought I was going to fall, as I was teetering back and forth. I’m sure the crowd was hoping I didn’t fall, as they would have to get me up. The last thing I remembered was falling asleep/passing out at the table. But apparently I got up and danced and sang, and drank other people’s drinks while they weren’t looking. I remember being helped to the car and puking on myself. I slept that whole next day.

I think, in hindsight, that fate/God was showing me the truth about my alcoholism. It showed me that every time I drank, I felt like shit for days. And the alcohol doesn’t mix with the meds I take. So suffice to say, I haven’t drank in almost three months and I feel better. I still have those days where some random joint hurts for no reason, and you can’t close your hand all the way. It happens. But a clear head gives you a fatter wallet and keen perspective on situations. You start to see things and patterns of behavior that you were too drunk to see before. I haven’t had even a sip in almost three months, and the truck is simple. I just think about how that Fireball tasted coming back up, and I’m good.

I did promise to work on a story, and I am wrapping my head around one as we speak. If I can get over my own criticism, maybe I can put a few chapters on here fir comments. No promises.

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